Herbal Medicine

We utilize a variety of herbal medicines when appropriate.

Herbal medicines are a powerful tool in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. However, they can be harmful or a waste of money when used inappropriately. Professional guidance is necessary to assure quality, effective products and avoid harmful interactions.

Herbal medicine can be a useful treatment in combination with other treatment recommendations like nutrition or physical medicine.

Our patients take only high quality herbal products. We generally only recommend products that have enacted voluntary quality assurance and quality control using the proposed FDA cGMP standards.

Many companies voluntarily comply with cGMP standards. However, the companies that don’t implement cGMP guidelines may contain contaminants, fillers, or be absent of the listed contents. We cannot evaluate every product and will recommend only specific companies that we know adhere to these guidelines.

We have no monetary affiliations with any nutritional supplement or herbal product companies. We always limit recommendations to a minimum due to cost and convenience concerns.

We recommend herbal products for a variety of acute and chronic conditions like anxiety, insomnia, GI complaints, diabetes, urinary tract infections, ear infections, musculoskeletal injuries and others.

Herbal medicines may be prescribed in capsules, tinctures, topical salves, lotions, oils, suppositories, solid extracts, poultices or teas.

Only take herbal medicines recommended by a practitioner well-versed in the indications and contraindications as well as knowledge of the medications you are taking.