When appropriate we prescribe pharmaceuticals for a variety of conditions. While we try to avoid the use of pharmaceutical prescriptions, we recognize that there are times when they are the most appropriate treatment.

We can manage medications that have been prescribed to you by other providers. If you have been placed on a medication by another provider and want to discontinue it, we will work with you and your provider to see if there is an appropriate alternative.

Some medications can be difficult to stop and require a slow reduction in dosage to wean your body off of them. Never abruptly stop taking a medication unless told to do so by a doctor.

Please note that not all conditions can be treated naturally or solely by a primary care provider. We may refer you to a specialist for medication management when necessary.

Managing Drug Interactions

Some herbs and supplements can be dangerous when taken in combination with medications.

NDs are trained in pharmacology combined with herb and nutrient therapy, and are uniquely able to recognize potential interactions.

We look into interactions between what we recommend, and also evaluate what you are taking. If taking a medication, never take an herb or supplement without first consulting your doctor.